Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our UNCG NAEA Student Chapter Constitution



Section I The name of this organization shall be the UNCG Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association

Section 2 The organization is affiliated with the State and the National Art Education Association.


The object of this organization shall be to promote learning in the visual art and art education.


Section 1 Membership in this organization is open to anyone interested in art education, particularly but not limited to Art Education students.

Section 2 The advisor and officers shall determine the dues needed for membership in accordance with any state and national dues along with any needed dues for club operations.

Section 3 Members majoring in Art Education shall register with the NAEA. All non-Art Education members shall pay club dues only.


Section 1 General meetings shall be held monthly.

Section 2 Special meetings may be called by the president.

Section 3 All decisions at meetings will be made by majority vote with two-thirds attendance.

Section 4 Notification of meetings will be announced at previous meetings, through email or other electronic communication, and by means of advertising and publicity.


Section 1 The officers of this organization shall be a president, a vice president, two publicity agents, and a treasurer.

Section 2 The president shall call and run the meetings, and shall organize activities.

The vice president shall support and assist the president and keep minutes of the meetings.

The publicity agent shall be responsible for the promotion and advertising of meetings and events including recruitment of new members.

The treasurer shall be responsible for the management of the income and expenditure of club funds.

Section 3 The officers shall be elected by ballot at the end of the spring semester and shall continue in office for one year (fall and spring semesters).

Section 4 A majority of all votes shall be necessary to constitute an election.

Section 5 Any vacancies may be filled by special election.

Section 6 Officers may be removed from office by a majority vote of members.


Section 1 Elections shall be held at the end of the spring semester.

Section 2 Nominations will be made: at the meeting prior to the election or to the current advisor or officers before the election meeting.

Section 3 Nominated candidates must have been a member for at least one semester, be in good academic standing, and be able to fulfill the nominated position for the full term.

Section 4 Good academic standing shall be considered holding a minimum of a 2.7 GPA and being a full time student. The nominated candidate must provide verification of good academic standing to the club advisor.


Section 1 The constitution shall be read at the fall semester of each year.

Section 2 Copies of the constitution shall be available to all interested members.


Section 1 The advisor for this organization shall be the Coordinator of the Art Education program or another appropriate member of the faculty.

Section 2 The advisor’s duties are to provide support and information.


Section 1 This constitution may be amended at a regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of all members.

Section 2 Amendments to this constitution become effective upon approval of the organization, the Council on Student Welfare, and the Vice President for Student Services.

Summer Ceramics Course

Friday, March 20, 2009

Meeting Minutes: March 19, 2009

Meeting Minutes
UNCG Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA)
4:00-5:10 pm, March 19, 2009
Member present: Rebecca Ledford, Lindsay Metz, Chuck Siler, Ashley Perry, Kara Seaford,
Shyla Sutton, Lauren Ward
Advisor present: Dr. Maria Lim
Excused: Katy Lupton, Kate Kapps, Stephanie Wells, Erica Tobin, Jaimie Cope,
Ashley Dean

Business Agenda

  • We had a great first meeting!
  • There were seven students present along with one advisor.
  • We discussed future fund-raising options as well as other club activities such as:
    Art Can!-Sculpture competition, Tate Street Festival, Bake Sales, etc.
  • We voted and agreed on the Constitution of the UNCG Student Chapter of the NAEA after making one change:
    We added a section 3 to Article III (Membership)
    Section 3: Members majoring in Art Education shall register with the NAEA. All non-Art Education members shall pay club dues only.
  • The constitution will be available on http://uncgarted.blogspot.com/
  • We also voted on five Club Officers. Their running term is from now until spring 2010. The officers are as follows:
    President: Chuck Siler
    Vice President: Lindsay Metz
    Treasurer: Rebecca Ledford
    Publicity Agents: Ashley Perry and Kara Seaford

It's Official!

We WILL be participating in the Art Can event at the Weatherspoon!!! Here is a description:
[For Rules, click HERE!]

2:30 PM
Art CAN!, Farmers' Market and Sustainability Film: "Wal-Town" -

Celebrate Earth Week at UNCG and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. For a full list of events and sustainability initiatives at UNCG, visit http://www.uncg.edu/rcy and http://sustain.uncg.edu.

2:30-4 pm: Art CAN! - UNCG departments and student organizations battle in the first-ever team sculpture building competition using only canned and boxed foods. Competition begins at 2:30 with judging at 3:15pm. All 'sculptures' will be donated to the Greensboro Food Bank following the event. Co-sponsored by the UNCG Division of Enrollment Services and the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling. Rain or shine event.

4-6 pm: 2nd Annual Farmers' Market - Meet local farmers and organic growers from the Piedmont Triad area. Produce and other food items will be available for purchase. Sponsored by the UNCG Sustainability Committee.

6:30 pm: Sustainability Film: Wal-Town - Six student activists. Thirty-six Canadian towns. One giant corporation. A daunting experiment in activism. A group of six university students, calling themselves Wal-Town, take to the Canadian highway over two summers. Directed by Sergeo Kirby, 2006, 66 min.

In collaboration with the UNCG Sustainability Committee, the Weatherspoon Art Museum presents a second year-long film and discussion series on current issues affecting the environment. Films are free, seating is limited. For details on the films and ways UNCG is working to identify sustainable practices across the community, visit http://sustain.uncg.edu.

We need to meet before this to practice and begin collecting cans!!!! Let me know if you can!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hopefully we will be able to participate in the upcoming Weatherspoon Event Art Can! Maria Lim [our faculty advisor] has emailed to sign up but it's first-come first-serve.

Hello Members!

Today was the first unofficial meeting for the UNCG chapter of the National Art Education Association. We have a lot to do before we re-affiliate, and we are excited to get started! Soon, I will have more updates and information to post, but for now we will just keep you up to date through email and facebook!

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