Sunday, October 16, 2011


NAEA Meeting – October 12, 2011
6:00pm, Room 225
Attendance: 8

New members: Sallee Walker, Heather Smith, & Kathy Cook
Existing members: Maria Lim, Tiffany Littlejohn, Denise Kanir, Sunshine Beshears, & Nikki

Tate Street Review
Thanks to everyone who volunteered
We made a profit of $80
What we have planned for next year
Tarp, craft ideas, etc

NAEA State Conference on Saturday, October 15
Convention Center, Charlotte 10am
Ours and Sunshine’s presentation
Anyone still interested who hasn’t signed up

NAEA National Convention, March 1 – 4, 2012
New York City
Online Registration through Jan 30
$75 for student, $135 for NAEA member non-student, $180 for non-member
Anyone can come

Workshops and Speaker Events
Maria has speakers in mind
Ask people what day works best for most

We decided on Wednesday evenings
Goal is at least 20
Get with past NAEA members (who are teachers now) and ask about hands-on workshops

Fundraising ideas
This year – bake sales, art donations, donut fundraising, etc
Can anyone make anything amazing?

Final Notes and Questions from group

Discussed a professional development opportunity- UNCG was asked to provide judges for the Greensboro Youth Council artwork. The art judging will take place on November 12th. If interested, let one of the officers know.