Thursday, March 3, 2011

UNCG NAEA on GCSTV for the Western High Mural Project

Jenny Brooks
Program Administrator - Broadcast
Guilford County Schools

This Newsbreak is the story of the Western High Mural Project.  TV airtimes are as follows:

GCSTV 2 will air this Newsbreak daily at:  7:31 am,  9:53 am,  11:34 am,  3:59 pm,  5:32 pm,  7:55 pm  and  8:55 pm.

ABC 45 will air this Newsbreak  (in a shortened form due to their time constraints) on Friday, March 18th at  7:25  and  8:25 am.  These are the local cut-in times during “Good Morning America”. 

This Newsbreak can also be seen at the web links below:

Please pass this information on to your students and parents….so they can watch or DVR it!

Thanks, and I’ll see you on TV!

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