Monday, September 19, 2011

Minutes from first meeting for Fall 2011 Semester


NAEA-UNCG Student Chapter Business Meeting

September 7, 2011

Hello fellow art education majors!!! The minutes for our first meeting are as followed:

Introduction of officers, members & faculty advisor
 Presidents: Tiffany LittleJohn & Shyla Sutton
 Publicity Agent: Sunshine Beshears
Treasurer: Denise Kanir
Information: Membership fee $5/ semester
Meeting Dates: We will meet once a month for our regular student chapter NAEA meetings.
Here are the meeting dates for the semester: Wednesday, October 12TH at 6pm, Wednesday,
November 2nd at 6pm. If we are going to meet any other dates throughout the semester you
will be notified ahead of time.
Tate st. Festival!!! Coming really SOON! SEPTEMBER 17, 2011
We will collect materials and make arts& crafts to sell at the festival. This is an annual
fundraiser that the NAEA has participated in. Some of the ideas we came up with at the
meeting were to create bracelets out of buttons, headbands, feather hair clips, records,
and mini magnets. These are all ideas that we think will sale fairly easy. We have set
aside three dates for Tate St. Workshops: SEPTEMBER 9TH @ 4pm, SEPTEMBER 12th
at 6pm, and SEPTEMBER 14TH at 6pm. Please come out and help create items to sell.
Donations of items are also accepted. Last year we had some paintings donated and
they sold quickly! If you cannot make it to any of the workshop dates above feel free to
make things at home and drop them off or contact one of the officers.

Tiffany LittleJohn, Kathryn Chaney ,Taylor Brock, Clemarie Thomas, Leslie Hollowell , Denise Kanir,
Sunshine Beshears, Shyla Sutton

Attendance will be kept for each meeting to keep up with the activity of our members.

It was great seeing new faces !!! Hope to see you all on Friday!

-Shyla Sutton, Co- President

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